June 24, 2016, Xavier "Uncle X" Lavadour's Cabin

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June 24, 2016, Xavier "Uncle X" Lavadour's Cabin


This is the cabin of Xavier “Uncle X” Lavadour. Still has an “X” carved into one of the logs. They had dancers here! Xavier “Uncle X” Lavadour was born near the river on April 14, 1842, and died on April 7, 1936. Xavier was the brother of Narcisse Lavadour, Martha’s husband. 

Letitia Carson’s daughter Martha Carson married Narcisse Lavadour of the Metis French Canadian Lavadour family in January 1868 in Oregon Territory near the Umatilla Reservation in Umatilla County, present-day Milo. These photos were taken in Adams, Oregon on land believed to be the Narcisse Lavadour Allotment that he and Martha lived on. Narcisse was Martha’s second partner, she had one child with Soloman Bigham on November 26, 1864, named Mary Alice Bigham. Martha and her child Mary Alice married Lavadours and raised their children a short distance from Letitia’s farm, where Letitia lived to become a grandmother and great-grandmother. In the summer of 1887, the two Lavadour-Carson families moved to the Umatilla Reservation, in large part to take advantage of the new “Dawes Act” Allotment claims that could be made on the reservation during that year. Jack stayed behind with his mother, Letitia, not being qualified to claim an allotment and not likely interested in moving, and Letitia deeded her land to him.

Martha and Narcisse had five children together in Umatilla, OR.
- Agnes M, born 1869-09-18
- Ada born 1873-06-08
- Albert born 1875
- Millie E. Born 1882-06-24
- Nelson born 1887-11-30

Descendants of Martha and Narcisse still live in Adams, Oregon, direct relatives of Letitia Carson. One of these relatives is Joey Lavadour, pictured here standing next to this cabin which belonged to Xavier “Uncle X” Lavadour.


Bob Zybach


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Bob Zybach, Joey Lavadour


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From a series of photos taken in Adams, Oregon in Umatilla County by Bob Zybach on the land owned by the Lavadour family, which Letitia's daughter Martha married into when she married Narcisse Lavadour in January 1868.


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Adams, Oregon, Umatilla County


Bob Zybach, “June 24, 2016, Xavier "Uncle X" Lavadour's Cabin,” Letitia Carson Digital History Collection, accessed December 8, 2022, https://letitiacarson.omeka.net/items/show/160.

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