Sept 7, 2013 Gravestone at Elliff DLC

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Sept 7, 2013 Gravestone at Elliff DLC


A photograph from September 7th, 2013 of a gravestone in Stephen's Cemetery. The gravestone is overgrown and is difficult to read but does say it belongs to Benjamin W. the son of -- Cardwell, likely a relative of Zachariah Cardwell who was born April 5th, 1832 in White County, Tennessee, USA. He died on Dec 25th, 1909 (aged 77) in Myrtle Creek, Douglas County, Oregon, USA. He was buried in Stephens Cemetery Myrtle Creek, Douglas County, Oregon, USA. He lived around the same time period as Letitia and David's children, in the same county. He was also a military member serving in the Civil War Service: Jan 11, 1862, Company: C, Unit: 1 Oregon Calvary, Rank - Induction: Private, Rank - Discharge: Private, Allegiance: Union. As well as the Indian War-- Co C 1st Reb. Ore. Calvary. Letitia's gravestone rests in Stephens Cemetery near Myrtle Creek in Douglas County, Oregon. Benjamin Stephens had a Land Claim nearby and the cemetery is named for him and was on his property. He likely had a relation to Letitia and Jack, giving her a major tombstone and a prominent position in his graveyard. The distance from Letitia’s home on Soap Creek to the Hardy Elliff cabin (Johns Ranch in present-day Azalea), where the Nidey’s first camped, is about 160 miles, or about one week’s travel at that time. The route taken was the main road from Sacramento Valley to the Columbia River and has been known at various times in its history as the California Trail, the South Road of the Oregon Trail, the Scott-Applegate Trail, and Territorial Road. Now it is mostly I-5and 99-W. The Elliff Donation Land Claim is central to Letitia Carson's story and sits nearby Myrtle Creek, and her long-time Douglas County home.


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From a series of photos taken by historian Bob Zybach on September 7th, 2013 at Elliff Cabin, where Letitia lived and worked after leaving David Carson's estate and in the Stephens Graveyard along South Myrtle Creek, a few miles west of her long-time Douglas County home.


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Elliff DLC 2013 -19


Stephens Graveyard, Myrtle Creek, Douglas County Oregon


Bob Zybach, “Sept 7, 2013 Gravestone at Elliff DLC,” Letitia Carson Digital History Collection, accessed December 9, 2022,

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