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1890, 1900 circa photograph, Andrew Jackson Carson Mary Ann Ware Daus Francise & Irene

A photograph of Andrew Jackson Carson, Mary Ann Ware Daus, Francise & Irene. Andrew Jackson Carson, on the right was born March 20, 1830 in Stokes County, NC to Smith P. and Elizabeth Spence Carson. Andrew immigrated to Oregon in 1849. 

According to Dr. Bob Zybach, David Carson & six siblings ("the seven Carsons") came to the US from northern Ireland ca. 1818. They emigrated from widespread Irish cottage industries being replaced by machinery, civil unrest, grinding poverty & unemployment by well-developed international shipping trade routes -- particularly those connecting linens of Antrim County with US markets by way of the docks at Belfast. The Carsons were likely Presbyterians & probably literate & political. From our research, there appear to be nine total Carson siblings, though it seems only seven traveled from Ireland to the United States. 

James Carson, the firstborn, was born in Antrim County in 1780 and married to Sarah Carson. Together, they had at least two documented children: William Carson in 1811, and Jane Carson (Young) in 1813. According to Dr. Zybach, James immigrated to America with his siblings and his marriage to Sarah was his second, they settled in Virginia. His daughter, Jane Carson, married Benjamin Young and together they had nine children,  John C. Young, Margaret C. Young, Sarah A Young, Emily F. Young, Mary J Young (1), Emily Young (2), Mary J Young (2), Hilary Young, and Emmaline E. Young. 

The next Carson sibling, Smith Carson, was born in 1787 in Antrim County, Ireland, and married Elizabeth Spence Carson. While we don’t have much documentation for other Carson siblings' immigration to the U.S, there are many primary documents detailing Smith Carson’s journey to citizenship in the 1820s. Together they had six children: John Alexander Carson, Margaret N. Carson, Ann E. Carson, Robert Spence Carson, Andrew J. Carson, and William J. Carson.

Andrew J. Carson was born on March 20, 1830, in Stokes County, NC Carson. Andrew immigrated to Oregon in 1849. He married first Lydia Hamilton on November 4, 1858, in Linn County, Oregon, and second Mary Ware on January 4, 1850, in Eugene, Oregon. Andrew and Mary had nine children, five sons, and four daughters. Andrew died March 10, 1916, in Lane County, Oregon, and is buried in the Mulkey Cemetery. Ann E. Carson lived in Ashe County, North Carolina. Elizabeth married Nathan Pryor and had one child named Margaret Pryor. She died December 27, 1851, in Platte County, Missouri, and is buried in the Green Cemetery.

Smith Carson Citizenship

More About the Carson Siblings

The Thirdborn, John Carson, was born in 1789 in Antrim County, Ireland. John married Ann, immigrated to America with her and his siblings, and settled in North Carolina. John and Ann had several sons and daughters. John died on 30, 1853 in Allegany County, North Carolina.

Andrew Carson was born in 1790 in Antrim County, Ireland. He immigrated to America in 1818 and settled in Ashe County, North Carolina. He married Margaret Johnston. Andrew and Margaret had at least three sons and three daughters.

William Carson, born in Antrim County Ireland in 1793 was a bachelor who moved to North Carolina in 1812, and according to one source was a successful merchant. 

Robert Carson, born in Antrim County Ireland in 1794 either died or stayed in Ireland. 

Mathew Carson was the next born, in 1795 in Antrim, Ireland. He married Jane McCullough and emigrated to America with her and his siblings and settled in Ashe County, North Carolina. Matthew and Jane had four sons.

David Carson was born in 1800 in Antrim, Ireland. Immigrated to America in 1818 with his siblings (Andrew, James, Jane, John, Matthew, Robert, Smith, and William) and settled in North Carolina. David immigrated to Oregon in 1845 and settled in the Soap Creek area of Benton County. David and Letitia had one daughter Martha born on the Oregon Trail in Nebraska and one son Adam born on David’s donation land claim in Benton County in 1849. David died on September 22, 1852. Adam lived in Benton and Douglas counties. At some point his name became Andrew. He was employed as a freighter and a laborer. Adam/Andrew never married. He died in 1922 in Douglas County, Oregon, and is buried in the Bryant Cemetery near Myrtle Creek, Oregon. Martha was born June 9, 1845, in Nebraska on the Oregon Trail to David and Letitia Carson. She lived in Benton, Douglas, and Umatilla counties. Married first Narcisse Lavadour, son of Joseph and Lisette Lavadure, on January 19, 1868, and second Charles Carpenter. Narcisse and Martha had five daughters and four sons. Martha died July 17, 1911, in Umatilla County and is buried in the cemetery in Athena, Oregon.

Lastly, Jane Carson was born in 1804 in Antrim County, Ireland. She married Joseph Blevins in Ashe County, North Carolina. Jane and Joseph had a daughter and a son.

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